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 One day into Launch!

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One day into Launch! Empty
PostSubject: One day into Launch!   One day into Launch! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 19, 2008 9:14 am

So we're one day into official launch, we've picked up some cool people and some players that play the game well. Here's to picking some more up on the way!

We ventured into the Sacellum in the Inevitable City and entered our first dungeon, a level 13 dungeon. We promptly made quick work out of it and picked up some subpar greens. Here's real proof!

One day into Launch! Uzhak

Then we ventured in the higher level one... oh man those dastardly gnoblar's and their tricky traps. We did manage to kill a boss that seemed impossible during beta.

One day into Launch! Hoarfrost
That should quiet the Cold prostitute lolololololol..... sigh

Well after an eventful evening of killing gors, ungors, centigors, bestigors and algores, if time to keep leveling again.

One day into Launch! Gors

And your political humour (note the the spelling of humour to make it more British and high-brow), I present to you this. It's funnier if you say it out loud in a weird midwest/alaskan accent!

One day into Launch! Bridgetonowhere

One day into Launch! Intimidation
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One day into Launch!
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