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PostSubject: About Must Kill   About Must Kill Icon_minitimeSun Sep 14, 2008 6:26 pm

We are looking for people who want to progress quickly, and help make the "Must Kill" tag a tag that will instill dread and fear into our enemies. We'll be doing lots of premade scenario's, PQ grinding, and all around murder and debauchery.

So if you revel in the death cries of stunties and pansy elves, join "Must Kill."

Info: We're all over the age of 18, some some members as old as 50. We have a website, ventrilo server, and decades of MMO experience as well as extensive Beta playing. We joke - a lot - and swear a lot and are experts on FUN. At this point we welcome the casual and the hardcore. We are generous to our guildies and freely give items to each with charge. We are not so generous when it comes to mercy of our enemies.

What we DON'T want :
Bitching and Moaning - If you want to complain and whine all the time, go somewhere else and play a different game.

Hold my Hand - We're NOT going to hold your wang while you pee. We'll tell you where to pee, and occasionally have a pee party, but if you are excessively needy, go back home and suckle on mommy's teat. We will be grouping a lot, but we encourage you to go out and meet people (they have open parties for a reason), it's an MMO!

The Cheater - Look, while we enjoy any advantage we can get, we don't want anyone who does things that will bring shame to all in our guild. You will not last long if you are a ninja, cheater or a griefer.

See you out on the battlefield!

-Intimidation, Da Gobbo Shammy

About Must Kill Intimidation
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About Must Kill
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